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Get More Lockout & Key Calls

Is business running a little slow? You know that someone, somewhere, needs your services, but yet no one is calling? Does it feel like you won't make it through the month if  business doesn't pick up? Are you tired of promises and are ready for results? You've come to the right place. We know the feeling and we have solutions. WDLG is happy to take on new locksmith clients. We build lifetime relationships & the best thing is, we put money in your pocket before you pay a dime. Ask us how.

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So, how do we do it?​​


It's simple, we setup a website, call recording & run online ads. You download 3 apps, and we walk you through them. Then, we run ads.


You are responsible for paying all ad fees, we charge a monthly management fee of $300 or 20-25% whichever is higher.


First 2 weeks is on us,  give us an opportunity to serve you.


Have questions? Call or email. 


(812) 465-2863

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