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Google Ads Made Easy

Get a 100% fully managed Google Ads campaign guaranteed to get you results so you can focus on what matters most.

Are your Google Ads campaigns not turning a profit? You follow all the rules and you don't seem to be getting anywhere? Or maybe you have it going well but you know there is more potential to your campaigns and want someone to take the reigns and show you how to improve? Or maybe you are new to the market but want to hit the ground running? Are you confused on what all you have to do to get an ad account setup correctly? Have you been burned by other "professionals" who didn't work out? We've heard it all, and we've helped all, and we are ready to help you.

Just fill the form and hit submit!

What do the ads look like?

No two businesses are the same, our ads are custom made and tailored to your specific business size and capabilities. Every industry is different so ads may differ but to get the general idea here's a few snaps of some of our ads.

What's our pricing you ask?

Well, if you've come here looking for someone to hire based on how little you'll need compensate them, then you've got the wrong idea.

If you needed electrical work done in your home, would you hire someone who thinks they know what the are doing or would you hire a electrician that has a proven record and will get the job done right? Exactly.

 Here at WDLG, our pricing is based on budgets, reporting, & scope of services offered.


We build lifetime relationships that are win-win for both parties, if we can't do that, then we go our separate ways, simple as that.

Our pricing starts @ $300/mo Or 25% of ad spend, whichever is higher. We offer 2 week TRIALS to new clients, learn what we do and how it works before you pay.

Here's What a few of our clients had to say...

The choice is yours

Do you want to dominate your local Google Ads market be ready to focus on what matters most?

Fill the form and hit submit!